The ONE Little Word That Can Make YOU Distinctive

It’s what Amazon should have said about their new smartphone. It’s what Steve Jobs was famous for saying repeatedly.

It’s the SINGLE WORD that can help make you more distinctive.

You’ll discover that little word in today’s “Daily Dose of Distinction!”


Distinction creates disruption: Why Amazon’s red ink is astounding

Disruption occurs when companies create distinction — in the products and services they provide…and/or the customer experiences they deliver.

Amazon disrupted publishing; however, their latest effort with a smartphone — combined with their extraordinary and stunning losses — displays they’re trying to be different in multiple areas, rather than distinctive in a select few.

This means that they’ll stop being a disruptive force — and increases the likelihood that the red ink continues to flow.

That doesn’t have to be the case with YOU…if you choose to be disruptive…and create distinction.

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