Turning competitors into collaborators

It’s not just “thinking outside the box” — it’s thinking…and acting…in a distinctive manner that can grow your business.

Here’s a wild concept:  What if you could turn a competitor into a collaborator, so you both expand your sales and enhance your service to customers?

Certainly, this approach wouldn’t work in every situation…however, as you’ll see from this video, in a couple of specific instances, it’s been a real “home run” for all parties involved.

It might be an interesting intellectual exercise for you over the holiday weekend (here in the United States):

  • What would be a situation where you and your competition could work together to create distinction in the marketplace for both of your organizations — and deliver an Ultimate Customer Experience ® for your clients?

When should you FIRE a customer?

Following up on yesterday’s discussion about United kicking two passengers off of a flight, I wanted to respond to follow-up questions I received about “Should you EVER fire a customer?”

  • And, “When is the right time to let a customer go someplace else?”

When we have to work so hard to obtain and retain customers…why would we ever want one to NOT come back?

Here’s some insight on why distinctive organizations and professionals will frequently be the ones who fire some of their clients — on an important “Daily Dose of Distinction.”

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