When should you FIRE a customer?

Following up on yesterday’s discussion about United kicking two passengers off of a flight, I wanted to respond to follow-up questions I received about “Should you EVER fire a customer?”

  • And, “When is the right time to let a customer go someplace else?”

When we have to work so hard to obtain and retain customers…why would we ever want one to NOT come back?

Here’s some insight on why distinctive organizations and professionals will frequently be the ones who fire some of their clients — on an important “Daily Dose of Distinction.”

Get off my plane! Why United was right to kick off two unruly passengers…

Admittedly, this hasn’t been a highly supportive or enthusiastic forum about the level of customer service that a passenger might experience on United Airlines.

In fact, I’m a former 1K flyer for a decade who has well over 1 million miles with them — who started a website opposed to their foray into initiation of Southwest called “Don’t Fly Ted.com!”

  • However, they did EXACTLY the right thing by making an unscheduled stop at Chicago’s O’Hare and forcing two arguing passengers off a plane.

Here’s a more complete recounting of the event from Time magazine – and, an interesting editorial from the Chicago Tribune.

From today’s Daily Dose of Distinction (…please subscribe on YouTube!), here’s my take on United doing their best Harrison Ford impersonation and saying, “GET OFF MY PLANE!”

What do YOU think? Should United have landed and taken these two off the plane — or, continued to Denver for an on-time arrival?

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