Adrafinil – A Miracle Drug For Busy Lives

You have started working on your most crucial project of your life, you have invested days and nights in finishing it with excellence, each day you are moving forward and it is towards its end when all of a sudden you realize the fatigue has prevailed your senses and your energy levels have dropped to zero to finish it up. With flat motivation how would you be able to do that? And then your read on internet people talking about adrafinil as the solution of all of your problems.

Adrafinil will help you to have the desired energy and motivation to finish your work as it is a synthetic nootropic agent which helps in wakefulness and boosts the mental faculties to focus on the work for longer hours without losing concentration.

The new prodrug of AdrafinilAdrafinil is considered to be the oldest drug in the synthetic family, but in comparison to modafinil, it is considered to be less effective as it involves liver processing to convert modafinil into adrafinil and there comes a difference of efficiency.



Review of Adrafinil by the Editor

If a person wants to stay on the top of everything, then adrafinil is a good choice as its purchase is legally allowed in the United States and it is easy to be approached under different brand names.

The disadvantage of adrafinil which has been scientifically viewed is the harm it counters of the liver enzymes due to its conversion to modafinil; stomach takes extra energy and time to get it done. So, in the light of above discussion, modafinil can be seen to have fewer side effects than adrafinil.

As far as my personal experience is concerned, I have used modafinil and I am a staunch believer in its efficiency. I take it once or twice a week for the desired results and do not cross the safe dosage limit.

Benefits of Adrafinil

Much of the research for adrafinil has come from modafinil’s research which shows that modafinil is a powerful agent for stimulation of wakefulness and if compared, it has fewer side effects with amphetamine-based drugs e.g. Adderall.

The properties of adrafinil are different even though the characteristics are the same of the two wakeful drugs. It is to be said generally that it benefits for concentration and enhances focus yet, more has to come as adrafinil’s strong points. It can enhance the reaction time and short-term memory of the people who are deprived of sleep.

Unlike amphetamine and Adderall based drugs, adrafinil enhances the mood and well being of an individual without making it a habit to be continued. As soon as the person stops taking the drug, it does not leave a negative effect to cause mood swings and emotional disturbance.

Many adults are taking amphetamine based drugs on a routine basis and face serious issues when they have to quit taking them in the adulthood. So, the best alternative to be replaced with such kind of drugs are adrafinil and modafinil to avoid negative consequences on the time of quitting the use.

Adrafinil Dosage

In order to treat narcolepsy with adrafinil, a 600mg dose is prescribed generally, whereas, routine users take it in the 300-900 mg range. When adrafinil enters the liver and in between the process of its conversion to modafinil, some of the essence gets lost. This is the very reason why its dosage is higher than the other energy booster drugs like modafinil (200mg) and armodafinil (150mg). Moreover, it must not be taken longer than 5 months, a gap must be given to continuing taking it again.


Where to Get it From?

Though it can be purchased without any prescription, still it is not available at stores — it is synthetic after all. Some online vendors have been vetted and inspected to know about the authentic supply; Pure Nootropics and Nootropic Depot are very reputable in this regard. Purchasing a synthetic drug online demands scrutiny, so make sure that you search about the reputable vendors when it comes to buying the drug.


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