Creating distinction is not limited to big organizations!

Creating distinction is not just for big companies — it’s perhaps even MORE important for SMALL BUSINESS, INDIVIDUAL PROFESSIONALS and ENTREPRENEURS!

I think sometimes authors and speakers like me tend to use big company examples — like, Apple, Southwest, etc. — because they’re universal, and perceived to be understood by every audience.

However, my main stories about creating distinction are a grocery store in Crothersville, Indiana — and a cab driver in Jacksonville, Florida!

If you’re in small business, it’s likely that your very survival is going to depend upon giving customers a more compelling reason to choose YOU over the option of bigger competitors.  The same is true if you’re starting a business…

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More on “NO!” as a personal and professional management tool

Following up on the great response to yesterday’s message — here’s a bit more on why the word “NO” can be what moves you toward being a more distinctive organization or professional in your marketplace.

Taking control is an essential ingredient to creating distinction. Here are a couple of thoughts on the importance of “no.”

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