The distinctive David Letterman…

Yesterday, I posted on Twitter that I couldn’t help thinking of the several times that I appeared on television with David Letterman… Of course, when that occurred, it wasn’t on a program called “Late Night” or “The Late Show”…it was on Indianapolis’ Channel 13 on a broadcast called, “Clover Power.” (When he left THAT show, […]

Three Business Lessons from “The Herd” and Colin Cowherd

If you’ve followed me on social media, you’ve probably seen that I am a loyal listener of ESPN Radio’s program “The Herd,” hosted by Colin Cowherd. This past week, Vince Kates – producer of the program – extended the invitation for me to drop by their set as they broadcast the show from Las Vegas, […]

What do you call the people on your team? (And yourself?)

Here’s a news flash:  Words have meaning. Ok, I realize that’s not earth shattering information — however, why do so few seem to recognize it? For example: my wife, Tammy, and I are about to go to have her computer checked out for repairs.  We’re headed to the Apple Store — and we are about […]