New video from SAP Retail (and me) on creating positive expectations for customers…

It’s an extraordinary honor when an individual or organization for which you have great admiration then wants to share your ideas with their clients — and that’s exactly what has just happened to me with the global technology leader, SAP.

SAP’s retail clients are global icons — and, as a service to their clients, SAP asked to shoot a series of videos with me, talking about the points I am so passionate about when it comes to creating distinction and delivering the “Ultimate Customer Experience ®.”

We shot five videos — and SAP will be promoting them to their clients over the next ten weeks.  And, here’s the first one — it’s on the Power of Positive Expectations in Retail.

(And, even if you’re not in retail…I think the content will be of value for you!)


The slowest advance of change you’ll see for the rest of your life…

Guess what today was?

It’s the slowest pace of change that you’ll probably see for the rest of your life.

John Chambers, CEO of Cisco (full disclosure — they’re a great client of ours), announced staff cutbacks of 8%, equal to 6,000 jobs.

In the article announcing this adjustment that is “designed to make room for adding different kinds of skills rather than cutting total costs,” according to Chambers, there was also a fascinating quote from Bill Kreher, an analyst at Edward Jones.

“The pace of change is quicker than ever,” Kreher said. And, he’s right.


But not only is the pace of change quicker — it’s not going to let up any time in the foreseeable future. Here’s what that means:

You’ll probably never see a day for the rest of your life where the pace of change will be slower than it is now!

If you don’t have a strategy to create distinction in a time of incredible change…you’d better get started NOW!

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