We all want to sleep comfortably at night and when someone says they are having a bamboo mattress in their room and get a peaceful sleep, we are quite sure that you might get skeptical to believe the one who claimed that. We understand this, and though bamboo mattress could definitely make one think of having a pile of bamboo trunks piled and felt so tough, bamboo mattress came contrary to that. In fact, the bamboo mattress is very soft as the one you can feel in silk fabric. Now, we are sure you are all familiar how silk could feel like so you can already picture out the how soft a bamboo mattress could actually feel.

The Bamboo Grass

Bamboo is one of the plants that could replenish itself because of its underground roots creates a network on the grounds and so one will not need to replant it. It can grow anywhere even on the poorly cultivated soils because the bamboo grass itself has micro bacterial and anti-fungal properties that supply itself the nutrients and combats the elements that could hinder its healthy growth. They are also known as one great contributor to oxygen and absorb more carbon dioxide in the air that is why underneath a bamboo grass, you can really feel cooler and refreshing air.

The Use Of Bamboo In Fabrics

There are many common uses of bamboo in our life and years ago the development in textile industries had discovered the use of bamboo grass in makings of fabrics for clothing, beddings, and pillows. The resulting products are perfect and ideal for any weather condition and with high wet absorbent properties that will definitely keep you dry all night long. And since it has hypoallergenic properties and uses bamboo charcoal on the top layers that keep the mattress smells good, it also does not irritate your skin because it does not contain any synthetic chemicals that you usually found on the ordinary mattress, which makes it one of the best mattress.

The Bamboo Mattress Properties

  1. Help Regulates Temperature
  2. Soft And Easy To Wash
  3. Relieves Muscle And Neck Pains
  4. Promotes Healthy and Comfortable Sleep
  5. Hygenic and Refreshing Smell
  6. Less Synthetic And Won’t Irritate Skin
  7. Durable And Wrinkle-Free

The Cost Of Bamboo Mattress

The prices of bamboo mattress depends on the type of mattress you choose as there is coil sprung mattress or memory foam mattress but the prices of these bamboo mattresses is not really costly as one had thought of because the bamboo fabric alone is just as same as the prices of other textile fabrics such as linen or cotton. Despite the high ranges of prices of some mattress sellers, the cost of having a bamboo mattress is still preferable when we talk about the quality and durability of the product.

Added Comfort To Our Sleep

We already knew that right at this moment, you may still have a mattress used and probably still new. We didn’t say that you have to ditch away using another mattress on your bed but the bamboo mattress offers another alternative especially if you want a cool sleep during humid seasons. Using more than one mattresses alternately will certainly stretch the years it can serve you and your family.

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