There has been a tiny house movement recently and many people have shown interest in buying these. Tiny houses not only save money but also contribute positively to the environment. However, there are some difficulties associated with buying these houses.


Getting land

It can be difficult to get a land to build this type of houses. People always prefer living in areas that are close to the city so that they can get access to all the amenities. At the same time, this type of house needs protection from the prying eyes of others. So, this conflict of interest creates problem to find a suitable land for the house.


Getting loan

The banks or other financial institutions are very reluctant to give loans for tiny houses. The reason is that as the price of these houses is less they won’t be able to make much profit out of it. It takes about 20 to 25 years to pay off a loan of a typical house. But it will take much less time to pay of the loan of a tiny house.


Social pressure

Though many people think that it’s a smart move to start living in the tiny house, but the social pressure is there. Maintaining status quo prevent many people to live in these houses.

These are the major obstacles to buying tiny houses. That’s why the demand for these houses is still less despite the movement that took place recently. If these barriers can be overcome then people will be able to live in these houses.

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