Living in a space hardly much bigger than a large truck won’t appeal to everyone but for those curious to try it out it can bring many benefits. Downsizing to a tiny house (usually defined as anything less than 900 square feet) not only means fewer living expenses but also brings a minimalist lifestyle that allows you to focus more on the essential things in life. You can save money, stop accumulating useless stuff that clutters your home and reduce your impact on the environment.

Seeing the benefits is easy but if up till now you’ve only been curious about the concept you’ll want to know concrete steps for how you can make the change. Before you even start drawing up blueprints it’s important that you do your research and make sure that this type of lifestyle is right for you

Here are some easy to follow steps for how you can make the change to tiny living by choosing tiny houses for sale in arizona.

  1. Do your Research

Begin by doing some research and fieldwork into what kind of tiny home you want to live in. Tiny homes come in all shapes and sizes. The only real limit to what they can be is your own imagination. Start by looking at tiny house designs online. Note down any ideas you get and begin thinking about what you need and can do without.

It’s definitely worth the time to find some tiny homes you can visit and see for yourself. There are many helpful websites that can allow you to connect with tiny homeowners who will be happy to show you around. Pump them for information on how they made the change, what motivated them and how they arrived at the final design.

You’ll need to have an idea of what your budget will be, how much you can spend and how you’re going to go about building it? Find contractors that specialize in building tiny homes and get an idea of what the cost will be. You can save a lot of money if you can build it yourself but that’s not an option for most people.

  1. Review the benefits of living small

List down all your reasons for wanting to change to a tiny house. Once you have a clearer picture of why you want a tiny house you’ll have a better idea of the final design you envision. Common reasons for wanting to downsize are fewer living expenses, less space to clean, less impact on the environment, the chance to get out of the consumerism culture and being able to lead a more simple life.

  1. Create a Design

Once you know what your needs are and your reasons for downsizing you can start drawing up blueprints. Use a software app like Energy 3D or Homebyme to make your own virtual designs. These programs take a bit of practice to get the hang of but once you’ve got it you could easily spend hours with them designing your perfect home.

  1. Start getting rid of stuff

Do an inventory of all your possessions and begin thinking about what you can do without. The chance to declutter your house can be a liberating experience and give you a better idea of what’s really important to you. Start packing away all those things you can get rid of and either sell or donate them.

  1. Build your tiny home

With a rough blueprint and an idea of what you need and don’t need you can move to the building phase. If you’re on a tight budget see if you can build any parts yourself or elicit the help of friends or neighbors with handyman experience. Be creative with your design and look for ways you can cut corners by reusing second-hand materials and make the home as sustainable as possible.

Making the switch to tiny living can be a fun experience that will teach you a new way of living. Everyone has their own way of arriving at the final design and that’s part of the appeal. Knowing that your tiny home can be whatever you want it to be.

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