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Thought you might like to hear our new 60 second radio commercial for my new book, “7 Tenets of Taxi Terry:  How Every Employee Can Create and Deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience.”

Hope you like it!


How Taxi Terry’s 7 Tenets Apply to You — NEW BOOK!

Taxi Terry bookWhile I’ll make a more formal announcement next week, my new book from McGraw-Hill, “7 Tenets of Taxi Terry: How Every Employee Can Create and Deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience” will hit Amazon on Thursday!

The Kindle version is already available — and, for the first time in quite a while, I’ve been able to do the audiobook version, as well — it’s available on Audible.com.

While my previous books have been geared for managers and entrepreneurs, this is the first time I’ve focused on what EVERYONE can do to thrill customers at a level it assures both repeat and referral business.

The first of the “7 Tenets” is “Set High Expectations — Then, Exceed Them!”

When Taxi Terry said to me, “Are you ready for the BEST cab ride of your life?” he established a very high expectation — not only for me, as the customer…but for himself, as well.

  • What kind of expectations are you setting for YOUR customers at the moment of first contact?  

(And, not just the initial impression the very first time they encounter you or your business — what’s the first thing they hear from you on EVERY point of contact?  Is it setting a high expectation?)

Most places where I do business simply say things like, “May I help you?” or “Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening,” or — and this is the worst of them all — say NOTHING and wait for me to make a move!

Examine what you are establishing in your customer’s and prospect’s mind at the point of initial contact — and if the expectation you are establishing assists in letting them know that doing business with you is something special.

Each of the seven tenets is practical — and, as it came from an amazing ride with an extraordinary cab driver, is something that can be put into practice by you and your organization immediately.

More to come…

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