You’re Fired! Common Mistakes That Lose Customers

INSIGHTS ON BUSINESS AND LIFE FROM FIVE BEST-SELLING AUTHORS, SPEAKER HALL OF FAME RECIPIENTS, INTERNATIONALLY-ACCLAIMED BUSINESS CONSULTANTS AND BEST BUDDIES. FROM RANDY PENNINGTON: We fired the service that had done all of our lawn care, landscaping, tree trimming, and holiday lights for 17 years. There wasn’t one single incident that caused us to leave. It […]

A scruffy reason for you to re-think your approach to business…

Why are you making the choices that you’re making about your business or career? Are those choices helping you create distinction – or, are they reinforcing a status quo that might not move you into the future? Those are questions I started asking about my business – as I contemplated what a highly regarded company […]

Three Business Lessons from “The Herd” and Colin Cowherd

If you’ve followed me on social media, you’ve probably seen that I am a loyal listener of ESPN Radio’s program “The Herd,” hosted by Colin Cowherd. This past week, Vince Kates – producer of the program – extended the invitation for me to drop by their set as they broadcast the show from Las Vegas, […]