Personal Health Records

The concept of personal health records of PHR is not new in the medical or health space in general and has been used since the 60’s, the fact that a individual can have access and track and maintain their health according to their needs is undoubtedly a great thing to posses. However, with the health industry already a decade behind the “mainstream” technology industry (as perhaps it should be due to security mandates such as HIPAA and others), the biotechnology space is seriously still trying to wrap it’s head around the EMR space, and the ability to interact from one vendor to another. Thus once again rise to a almost forgotten field of BioInformatics.

Personal Health Record Companies

  1. Google Health – The massive disaster that should have worked, Google worked hard to make it so, but, let’s face it, aside from mostly their search engine, what product of theirs is really ‘user friendly’, what do they know about maintaining a social-network which makes a user continue using their product day after day that is not wrapped around proprietary technology. Gmail is used often, I reckon it’s because of the massive space they initially provided and then just happened to get the UX right, let’s look at Maps, I think they won they had the resources to do so, I am at a loss of others. Google has scale and money and thus can provide things other vendors can’t, but things other vendors can provide — Google see’s stringent competition. Anyway this is defunkt for now.
  2. Microsoft HealthVault – A vault, fancy, a secret hidden storage place with all my personal health stuff, sounds neat, and it actually is. It integrates into various accessories, tools, devices, gizmos, magical appliances and fetches all data you can dream of in 1 place and gives you the ability to share it with some sort of primary provider. I am seriously impressed. Go try this.
  3. TrackMyStack – Very paradoxical to share this one right after sharing the last one, the whole concept behind this health manager is, you are or can be anonymous online, why are you hiding your health and keeping it  secret, why would anyone care and what can do even do once they have your information? Ok well I suppose if your Mr. hotshot CEO and you happened to get Syphilis from your last business trip to Patong Beach then you may want to keep that private, but generally if you share your conditions, symptoms anonymously, you can get feedback from other’s and you can build your own regimen, and take your health into your own hands. As their website says “Good Health Starts at Home” and when your “all-caring” doc gives you 5minutes of his time, you can quickly run all your questions by him and show him how you have felt, believe you me, they will be grateful. They seem very focused on medicine and tracking supplements in general, but water, and other daily activities can be tracked.

Final word: Microsoft’s app is usually sold via vendors, such as in Canada it is sold through TELUS, while as in other countries it still trying to find partners outside of the US. TrackMyStack has implemented a global strategy which allows it to be useful for anyone anywhere, and it seems like it also wants to provide a comprehensive resource for those already on the platform (supplement research) by providing research right on the site itself. Interestingly you can see some of the treatments we made listed here:


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