We not only construct the tiny house on wheels for our customers but also provide free consultation and other services as well. You can have a look at the services we provide below.


Construct houses

We can construct your house from scratch. We have the right materials to build your house. Our builders are very expert in their works. They can also source the right materials quickly so that your house gets ready on time.


DIY trailers

We can provide you trailers on top of which you can build up your own house. Our consultants can give you a free consultation on how to build the house. You can get various tools for building the house on our online store.


Ready-made models

We have a range of ready-made models of these houses from which you can choose your preferred one. These houses have been loved by many clients in the past and we are sure you will like them too.



We can arrange for a loan. We know a number of lenders who are ready to give you a loan without any hassle. We can help you arrange all the papers needed to get approved for a loan.

Our employees will guide you through each of our services. They will help you make the right decision about building your home. Our prices are very competitive. So, you will get the best value for money by hiring us to build your home.