Are you so invested in what you are, you can’t become what you can be?

You’ve worked really hard to get to where you are. Could that be preventing you from becoming what you could be? May I suggest this is a critically important question to be asking yourself…not only from a personal standpoint, but also from a professional and organizational one, as well? Envision a trapeze performer at the circus. […]

Why you don’t want your employees (or customers) to be “happy”

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve fielded multiple calls from speakers bureaus or prospective clients wondering if I could come give a speech on how to make employees or customers more “happy.” Perhaps it’s because of the monster hit by Pharrell Williams…maybe it’s business books like “The Happiness Advantage” or, “The Happiness Project.”  Heck, […]

When advancements aren’t accompanied by acceptance…

I was having dinner last night with the CEO of a major company in the automotive industry — I didn’t ask permission to use his name, so I won’t (however, I was VERY honored he brought me in to speak to the best customers of his company, representing hundreds of millions of dollars in sales) […]