Do you project a local image so customers can better relate to you?

When my wife and I first moved to southern California a few years ago, she told me about shopping in a “California supermarket.”  She raved about their selection and fresh vegetables, and said she was going to be a new, loyal customer of Ralph’s. She didn’t like it when I told her she was, basically, […]

Are you providing these three essentials for sales in today’s economy?

The Center for Media Research has a report today on a study just issued by Forrester Research, with a fascinating point: “Customers now control the buying process far more than today’s vendors control the selling process.” It also states that, given the easy access to information from the Internet and the ability to use smartphones […]

Woman’s Racist, Profane Rant Demonstrates Two New Realities About Customer Service

Two points to make from the very start when it comes to this post: The video that I’m providing a link for at the end of the story is NSFW — NOT SAFE FOR WORK — and contains both profanity and racist terminology.  PLEASE, do NOT play this video where others in the workplace or kids at […]