The Indiana Pacers, Lance Stephenson, and Taxi Terry…

It’s early on Saturday morning, and I am a bummed out sports fan. Last night, my favorite basketball team — the Indiana Pacers — where annihilated and eliminated by the Miami Heat.  If you follow sports at all, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the antics of Pacer Lance Stephenson, who — in an attempt to rattle […]

Why you don’t want your employees (or customers) to be “happy”

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve fielded multiple calls from speakers bureaus or prospective clients wondering if I could come give a speech on how to make employees or customers more “happy.” Perhaps it’s because of the monster hit by Pharrell Williams…maybe it’s business books like “The Happiness Advantage” or, “The Happiness Project.”  Heck, […]

When customer service isn’t of service…or, when Delta didn’t listen

If you’ve heard me speak at a conference, you’ve heard me tease Delta Airlines a little bit from time to time.  However, I also try to make it clear that I really believe that Delta has stepped up their delivery of customer service, and I recognize that they have worked very hard to improve the […]