The best email I’ve EVER received…

This post may, at first, not seem to directly relate to business.  And, it’s about the BEST email I have probably EVER received — and I had to share it with my friends…

But, if you stop to think about it, this message I received on Monday evening clearly displays what a small world we live in — and why you never know where someone will be talking about the experience that you and your organization creates…and, Judson Laipply…you ROCK!

(More on Judson at the end of the post…here’s the email I was surprised to receive…)

Hi Scott,

I was one of the 8000+ in your audience last week at the MDRT Annual Meeting. I have been a member now for 38 years and this was my 19th meeting that I have attended.

I really enjoyed your talk — loved Taxi Terry, too — and I have already spread the word “Downunder” about him and you.

My reason for contacting you is this:

I got home on Saturday morning about 9.30am. My standard practice is to spend as much of the first day in a “new” time zone outside so that the body-clock can recalibrate naturally. Home is an 18 acre property about 35 miles NW of Melbourne where I grow wine grapes and produce/sell our end product. (It’s fairly easy to find something to do all day here).

At about 4.30pm, I stopped work and went into our cellar-door building to have a glass of wine with some friends. As I do, I went into the ‘bar’ area to pour myself a drink. My manager on duty (Jenny) was in the process of conducting a wine tasting for about 12 people that had arrived with a tour company. 

As I started to pour my drink Jenny said something like, “This is the owner folks, can’t help himself, just off a plane this morning from USA and out there working already!”

The tour leader said to me, “This couple are from America, Bob” — and so I asked the usual “where from” questions, etc. The American guy responded by asking me where I had been –and I said Philly to a financial services conference.

“Which one?” he asked. “MDRT,” I said — and then he said, “Scott McKain was your closing speaker — how did he do?”

Well that just blew me away, naturally I asked how he knew this — and the man (Judson Laipply) told me that you were his friend and mentor. Talk about 3 degrees!

Of all the people in the world to be visiting my winery at that moment it just had to be Judson and his bride on the last day of their honeymoon.

I just thought you might like to add this to your bank of stories. 

If you would like to look up our web-site and see where they visited the address and you can also find reviews of our on-site accommodation at Tripadvisor via this link :-

Regards and best wishes,

Bob Nixon

Bob Nixon

Authorised Representative

Managing Director

Nixon Financial Services

WHAT ARE THE ODDS that my friend, Judson, would be at that place…at that very time…on his honeymoon? And, thank you, Bob Nixon, for taking time to share this amazing story.  I am VERY appreciative!!

  • (It shows that you need to create an ultimate experience EVERY time — because you never know how far and wide the story about your efforts will travel!)

And, by the way, I’ll bet that Judson is very familiar to you — as he created one of the first viral videos — and, most viewed videos (almost 215 MILLION views) in the history of YouTube.

As my friend, the late Charles “Tremendous” Jones always said, “LIFE IS TREMENDOUS!”