If you need to grow cannabis indoors, you might have to decide how best you can set own lights. There are a lot of options out there but different grow lights vary in spectrum color, light intensity and the underlying technology. Choosing between these lights will therefore depend on your grow facility size, the amount of yields you want, time and electrical needs

Below are best led grow lights that can work well for cannabis growth:

  1. High Density Discharge (HID) Lights

These lights were first invented for huge scale use such as lighting stadiums and public arenas. They are very powerful lights which are now used by many horticulturists and botanists to grow other plants beside cannabis. There are various types of HID lights such as metal halide, mercury and sodium vapor lights. These lights can be used to grow cannabis but they are not the best in this list.

  1. Fluorescent Lights (CFL)

Fluorescent lights have been used for many years by botanists and horticulturists for indoor growth of plants from germination to flowering stage. These lights can as well be used to grow cannabis as they produce light intensity, wavelength and spectrum that are best for some varieties of cannabis. Unfortunately CFL grow lights are very expensive and require a lot of fluorescents to resemble natural sunlight. CFL growth lights are used by many cannabis cultivators up to date but they require cooling systems and reflectors for cannabis plants to thrive in a perfect environment.

  1. Metal Halides (MH) Lights

These are grow lights that produce lights by passing electric current through mercury gas in a mixture of metal halides such as sodium iodide and thorium iodide. The light produced has a perfect range of color spectrum that is good for cannabis growth especially during vegetative phase. These lights can as well work for every stage of cannabis growth including flowering stage.

  1. High Pressure Sodium Vapor Lights

They are grow lights that can be used to grow cannabis as they produce an ideal range of light for cannabis growth. They function similarly to HID grow lights by passing electric current through a tube or bulb containing sodium and xenon gas. They produce a dull pink glow that turns orange pink immediately after warming. These lights have been use to cultivate cannabis throughout the life cycle but works best during flowering stage.

  1. Light emitting diode (LED) Lights

LEDs have become popular in the lighting world for the last one decade. Though they are not the best for growing cannabis, LEDs offer several advantages.

First of all, they utilize low voltage which means you will spend less electric energy with these lights. In addition to this, they produce little heat which means you don’t have to install cooling systems to prevent overheating as it is with other lights such as HIDs. As this is not enough, these lights reduce your dependence on ventilations systems which as well help save energy costs. You might be required to heat your room on cooler climates.

LED grow lights will have a higher initial investment compared to other cheaper options in the market which makes many cannabis growers love using them. They are also very efficient as they utilize less energy provided the grow room is already on right temperatures. LED grow lights lasts for a long time than other grow lights. The manufactures have advertised more than 100,000 hours of life for these special grow lights. This will save you expenses which you would incur buying nondurable lights and also give you enough time of up to harvest.

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