Are you wondering whether an air mattress is worth spending your money on it or not? Welcome to my brief, that covers the benefits and drawbacks of owning one.

Air mattress (also called air beds or inflatable mattresses) are only available up to queen size and are sometimes expensive than the conventional latex and memory foam. However, they still offer high consumer satisfaction.

If portability is what you want, then you can take your air mattress anywhere you go. That is not all; an air mattress also has other great benefits that we are going to discuss further in details below.



  1. User-friendly

The first thing you will like about an air mattress is its user-friendliness. An airbed is designed in such a way that you can choose between soft and firm what pleases you. This feature is very important especially when it is used as a permanent or main bed.

To add some firmness, you just add more air while you reduce it for a plush and soft feel. This feature makes it a good option for sleepers who shares a bed because each sleeper can customize his/her firmness depending on their preference. This eliminates the disputes as to whether the mattress is too firm or soft.

  1. Great for back pain sufferers

The fact that you can customize your own firmness level is a huge benefit for people with back pain problems. Sometimes the bed may be too soft especially when it is hot outside and this softness may cause you some little discomfort at the back.

Nevertheless, with an air mattress when it feels softer and uncomfortable you just need to press a button to add more air for a firmer bed. This provides a better pain relief and body contouring.

Again, other nights may make the bed too firm and you just need to press a button to deflate a little for a softer surface.

  1. Durable and does not sag

Air mattresses are made from hard PVC material that has high resistance to sagging. Unlike memory, foam that definitely sags after a few years of use an air mattress is built to last twice as many years as a conventional mattress. It also can be the best mattress for stomach sleepers.

actually, the hard PVC give away slowly over years of use but the moment you start feeling as if it’s sagging then it is time to replace your mattress.

  1. Inflates quickly

Air mattresses inflate rapidly although this depends more on the quality of the pump. On average, a raised twin size airbed can inflate within 5 minutes. Alternatively, a non-raised small airbed can inflate within 3 minutes.

The ease of inflation and deflation is a big plus for those sleepers who need a portable sleeping accessory. You can deflate it quickly and store it in your backpack and this adds to its convenience.

  1. Versatile

It is interesting to see that an air mattress can be put into many uses both indoors and outdoors. For instance, you can use the airbed on camping trips, as guest beds, and as a back seat.

No off-gassing

Air mattress is made from PVC materials this is a benefit to people who are uncomfortable with, memory foam and latex that off-gases regularly. This is an advantage to people who struggle with allergies.

However, an airbed also has its cons that include;

  • Replacing faulty pumps can be costly
  • Shorter warranties compared to latex and innerspring
  • Noisy pumps


If you are always on the go or you fancy hiking and camping an air mattress will help you enjoy quality sleep just like the one your bed offers. It is very user-friendly, versatile, durable, does not sag, inflates quickly and it is good if you struggle with back pains. If you do not have one, what are you waiting?

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