Open Source PHP Framework – Laravel – Overview

Laravel is a highly potent and go-to choice for every developer. This open-source PHP framework uses a rich coding language that allows you to develop static & dynamic websites. The best thing is that it reuses the existing framework and helps you create new web applications as Laravel follows a model-view-controller pattern to ensure a more pragmatic and structured design.

It comes integrated with the basic functionality of PHP frameworks like Yii, Codelgniter, Ruby on rails, and other programming languages. Thanks to its fast and rich features that allow you to boost the development of your website. That means if you are well-versed with Advanced PHP and Core PHP, Laravel can make your project much easier than doing with programming languages.

However, if you don’t have the specified knowledge to develop your website, you can hire a Laravel development company to assist you in finishing the job. You must know that Laravel saves a lot of time and makes it convenient to develop your website from scratch. Plus, Websites created through Laravel are safe and secured from potential web attacks. 

  • Characteristics Of Laravel 

Laravel is integrated with high-performing features that make it an ideal programming language for web designing. Here are some of the top features of Laravel that make it stand out. 

  • Testability 

Laravel also includes some helpers and features to assist you in testing the entire or a section of the program. This feature helps you find flaws and errors inside your coding and makes it easier to align the code according to the requirements. 

  • Modularity 

Laravel comes incorporated with 20 in-built modules and libraries, which assist you in improving the functionality of your website. Plus, each module is combined with a composer dependency manager to ensure a convenient updating process. 

  • Routing

When defining routes inside the web application, Laravel uses a flexible approach compared to other programming languages. However, routing makes it convenient for you to scale a particular application in an efficient way that further improves its functionality. 

  • ORM And Query Builder 

Another thing about Laravel is that it comes integrated with a query builder that makes it convenient for you to query databases with the assistance of different chain methods. Apart from this, it also integrated with ActiveRecord implementation, also known as Eloquent and ORM (Object Relational Mapper.)

  • Configuration Management 

You would be amazed to know that web applications developed using Laravel can be operated in different configurations. That means even if the configurations are changing, Laravel developed websites can adapt and handle the configuration without any hassle. 

  • Schema Builder 

Schema builder is responsible for maintaining databases and introducing schema in PHP code. Not only will it maintain the database, but it also keeps track of frequent changes in the database. 

  • E-Mail

Laravel also comes integrated with a mail class, which assists you in delivering mails with high-quality attachments and content from a web application. 

  • Template Engine 

With the assistance of the blade template engine, Laravel conveniently designs hierarchical layouts and blocks with predefined structures such as a dynamic website.

Now you know why people often recommend Hiring a Laravel development company to make the most out of your web application project.